Harting Holland

With our enthusiastic team, we strive to produce the best taste and quality tomatoes.


Since 2014, geothermal energy supplies around 90% of our energy requirements. As a result, we save 10 million m3 of natural gas per year.

Crop protection

To protect the plants from pests, we use biological crop protection, such as predatory bugs and parasitic wasps, to control the pests.


To supply European retail, we are certified according to the latest requirements, such as GLOBALG.A.P. and On the way to PlanetProof.


Growing a high-quality, reliable tomato is what Harting Holland is all about. Every day we pursue to create the optimal climate and try to keep the balance between pests and biological controllers optimal. This enables us to offer a healthy, tasty and sustainable product that our customers can count on.


We are specialized in growing cherry tomatoes and large vine tomatoes.

Cherry Vita

A fresh sweet cherry tomato. Delicious in a salad or to just eat as a healthy snack!

Vine Vita

The vine tomato has a deep red colour with a nice sheen, is rich in vitamin C, and can be used in various ways.

About us

Harting Holland is a modern greenhouse company located in the Westland region. We are specialized in growing and packing various tomato varieties. A team of committed professionals ensures an efficient process. The company invests in energy-saving measures, such as geothermal heat for heating the greenhouses.


A challenging job in one of the Westland’s largest greenhouses?

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