Cultivation is working together with nature. We look at the plant, is the colour right? Does it bloom high? Creating a perfect plant by responding to its needs is a challenge we like to take on!


On 30 hectares of greenhouses, we grow cherry and large vine tomatoes. In total, more than one million tomato stems are growing in our greenhouses! Every plant needs the right care to produce the best quality tomato and the highest production. When all cultivation conditions are right, we can produce up to 80 kg/m2 in vine tomatoes and over 42 kg/m2 in cherry tomatoes per year.

Cultivation strategy

As a trend follower, Harting Holland has always focused on: keep doing what we do best. With this in mind, Harting Holland works with a cultivation manager and labour manager in each greenhouse who manages the plant growth and crop labour. Because we work with a living product, it is vital that we are always paying attention to the smallest details; this is only possible with great colleagues who have a love for the horticultural profession.