We grow 2 varieties of tomatoes, so we can always supply sufficient volume and be a stable supplier for our customers.

Our product

We stand by our product, therefore we supply our tomatoes under our own brand via the Harting Holland sales department.

Our brand names are: Cherry Vita (a fresh sweet cherry tomato) and Vine Vita (a tasty and healthy vine tomato rich in vitamins).

Cherry Vita

Every year, we pack more than 350 million cherry tomatoes under our own brand Cherry Vita or under our customers private labels. The sorting machine takes 50 photos of each cherry tomato to determine and sort them on both colour and size. If required we also offer decalyxed cherry tomatoes. This allows us to deliver a uniform tray of cherry tomatoes.

Availability / delivery times

We grow along with the sun, which means we plant the young plants in the darkest month December and we start harvesting when the sunlight increases. The bigger the plant, the more light it needs!

Vine Vita

We grow our large vine tomatoes under the Vine Vita brand. Variety trials at our nursery allow us to constantly monitor whether better and more productive varieties are available. This way, we try to offer the best quality tomato.

Availability / delivery times

The vine tomato plants are also planted in December However, this variety needs more time to grow and ripen well into beautiful red vine tomatoes.